Leaves last a season. Roots remain a lifetime.
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Trees are vital to life; they are also valuable investments, which naturally provide numerous aesthetic, social, environmental, and economic benefits. Trees

* Increase Property Value-
well-cared trees add 5-20% more value to real-estate
* Reduce Costs-
they provide shade, reducing yearly heating/cooling costs by $2.1 billion
* Control Climate-
obtained by moderating the effects of sun, wind, and rain
* Filter Air-
by separating out particulate matter and absorbing harmful gases
* Purify Water-
trees improve water quality by slowing and filtering rain water
* Provide Privacy and Scenery


As professional arborists we are knowledgeable, trained, and especially equipped to provide proper tree care. Because trees are important, before starting construction, ask Busy Bee Services, Ltd. to assess the trees that are on the construction site. We will make recommendations to ensure the health and life of your trees throughout and after construction. If construction is completed, our trained technicians can repair any damage that has been done to assist trees in their healing process.