Leaves last a season. Roots remain a lifetime.
Busy Bee Services, Ltd.
Fully Insured

Correct diagnosis of plant health problems requires a careful examination of the situation. Busy Bee Services, Ltd. employees are trained in all of the following techniques:

1. Accurate plant identification.
Because many insects and diseases are plant-specific, this information can quickly limit the number of suspected diseases and disorders.
2. Pattern abnormality recognition.
Each disease and plant pest has a characteristic effect; knowing these helps identify problems.
3. Careful examination of and noting the history of the landscape. Nature is not static.
Changes in soil conditions and plant species as well as site disruptions all affect the health of trees.
4. Examination of the roots.
Busy Bee Services, Ltd. uses the AirKnife to gently vibrate the soil from the roots.
5. Check of the trunk and branches.
6. Noing the position and appearance of affected leaves.


Busy Bee Services, Ltd. has been "going green" for the past decade with the use of air tools and cutting edge practices. It's true that some pests and diseases can't be controlled with natural products, but a great many can. Please ask about our organic control plan.


Though most of our time is spent saving trees, there are times when a tree cannot be saved. Our experienced crew can safely remove any tree. We are experts in detail and clean up. And we carry $1 Mil. in liability insurance per incident. Please ask for a copy of our certificate.